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Laize Longue is the latest venture from Madelyn Dransfield and Julia Ryan, the interior design duo behind Happy Place Design.

Founded in 2015, the studio celebrates collaborative, honest, and attainable spaces, that are always diverse and full of life.

From luxury mats to Mayfair member's clubs, all its projects are underpinned by innovation, exceptional design, respect for craft and attention to detail, and a sustainable approach.

Inspired by the recent rise in outdoor socialising, and unable to find high-quality mats that met their style - and comfort-conscious standards, Madelyn and Julia set about creating ergonomic alternatives that looked as good as they felt.

Combining their interior expertise accrued in the UK and Australia with their creative credentials, Laize Longue unfurls Happy Place's love of practicality and playfulness to portable products that are design-led, durable, and perfect for the great outdoors.

Laize Longue Founders

Laize Longue is proudly made in the UK. Over 99% of our components are UK sourced.